More and more people are now communicating, getting their news, being entertained, shopping and (you guessed it) researching you, digitally. But, it’s more than just having a flashy website for your business. How are people going to find your flashy website among all the other flashy websites? Once they are there, what are they going to find? Are you helping to inform them beyond just your address and hours of operation? What about your presence on social media? What will they find there? Is it a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in a week? Is it an Instagram profile set up years ago with a picture or two on it? What is the content on these pages? Is it anything that helps your potential customers educate themselves on your product or service? Is it a series of posts in different variations that all basically say “We have the best widgets, buy our widgets?”Who are these posts going to? Because almost everything we do on the internet is tracked today there is endless information and tools we can use to reach exactly who we want, without wasting money on those who we don’t. Yes, it’s creepy, but let’s face it, we are in Rome. We can either do as they do or we can lose our customers to them.

At the end of the day it comes down to strategy. If you feel like you need some help with yours we would love to help.

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